The magic is in the movement
Studio Undō
69 Bates
Outremont, QC H2V 1A6
Tel: (514) 278-6860

Studio Undō

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We are a school of movement

A training center

Group classes and personal training
dedicated to have a positive impact on you.

Located in the heart of Outremont, we are a movement based training facility.
Whether you come to us for casual training or to improve a specific activity practiced professionally or recreationally, we are here to help make you better outside the gym.

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A method with a proven track record.

A team of personal trainers

Offering clear coaching to inspire you towards your goals.

We combine the latest and scientifically sound training methodologies in order to redefine your fitness. Incorporating movements taken from gymnastics to weightlifting to bodyweight alike, without forgetting conditioning components, we build workouts that are properly tailored, fun and bring you the results you long for.

Our methods are simple. You bring in the effort, we take care of the rest!

Why Studio Undō

Our purpose is always to have a positive impact on your health, well-being and performance. Throughout this quest, we make sure to take all the necessary steps to guarantee your success. With our high-end equipment, small groups, structure of the classes, everything is taken into consideration to guide you in the most fun, captivating, safe and efficient way to define new limits for your body.

Small groups

We take the quality of our service to heart, and act on it, and we are proud to offer you one of the smallest fitness class size available in Montreal. With classes limited to 7 people, you can be sure to get the feedback and coaching you deserve!

A real coaching experience

Good day, Bad day, you can count on us to take you from A to Z as soon as you step in! Our team has accumulated more than a decade of experience to make sure you progress in the safest, most efficient and fun way possible!

For Everyone!

Our teaching is designed and tailored for the human body and the most basic and functional movement patterns. We have acquired and developed a tremendous amount of progressions to make sure we properly guide you through the never ending development of those movements.

Competitive pricing

We base our pricing on how often you want to train in a week. The more you come the less you pay!
With a price range of 18.75$ to 10$ per class, our renewable monthly contracts with no obligation, gives you the flexibility your schedule needs.

Specific training

We also offer lots of different specialty training. Basic barbel training and strength training, Olympic weightlifting, P.O.S.E method of running, sport specific preparation to name a few.

It’s simple Get Started

First book a free trial

Find out if we are a good fit for you! Come experience our coaching!
Adapted to suit all levels of fitness, this introductory session shows you what to expect and allows us to assess how to best guide you forward. What’s next: Foundation classes!

Register for Foundation classes

Our 8 Foundations classes focus on introducing you in the safest and most efficient way to movements we will teach you, and give you the tools you need to keep progressing. Whether you choose private or group classes, these will ensure you know what you’re doing and will help us learn more about you so we can adapt our teaching!

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What others are saying:

This is the place to go if you want to explore the world of Crossfit in a safe and meaningful way. After having been a member of a few boxes, Undo is the first place where I was able to learn proper form and safe evolution without any pressure to perform. I strongly recommend this box for those who want to understand the mechanics of these powerful movements.

– Yolanda Inchausti

Highly recommended. Great group of people and the coach is incredible! Check it out. You will not be disappointed!!

– Connie Leroux

Excellent coaches who focus on improving your technique while submitting you to challenging WODs, fun people, and inspiring atmosphere to push you forward. This is a great box!!

– Julie Cool

This place is seriously amazing. Excellent coaching, inspiring atmosphere. I haven’t been this enthusiastic about working out in years, and it’s all thanks to CF Undo. Highly recommended!

– Ilona Hongisto
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69 Bates
Outremont, QC H2V 1A6
Tel: (514) 278-6860
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